Model DC-720

DT-300 Pouring Furnace
R-325 Melting Furnace

Model R-325

Located in the heart of Northern California's Sonoma wine country, RAYTEQ manufactures advanced, energy-saving electric melting furnaces for the light metal casting industries, writes and supplies software that effectively reduces utility demand charges, and produces new, high power density heating elements for higher melting rates and longer operating life.

Gas-Fired vs. Electric Melting

Are you considering purchasing gas-fired melting or holding furnaces because of the current low cost of natural gas?

Read this technical paper before you decide.

Compact Electric Furnaces

Rayteq's high-powered, compact electric furnaces with new hybrid digital/analog controls slash energy costs by melting right at the die casting machine or molding line, eliminating wasteful energy losses from hot metal transporting, launders and holding furnaces in central melt systems. Additional advantages include higher energy efficiency, less metal loss, fewer scrapped castings, no operator heat stress, no noise, all while virtually eliminating air quality issues.

Demand Management Systems

RAYTEQ's Fleet Commander™ Interactive Demand Management System (IDMS™) achieves additional utility cost savings by minimizing electric furnace fleet kW demand without impairing production rates or casting quality. Operates with all Rayteq melters, and can be retrofitted to many existing electric furnaces including Dynarad* and StrikoDynarad*.

Heating Elements

RAYTEQ high power density heating elements with new life-enhancing materials technology achieve higher melting rates while virtually eliminating internal stresses for increased strength and shock resistance. Exact replacements featuring this new technology now available for Dynarad* and StrikoDynarad* furnaces in all sizes, wattages and voltages, with either stranded or twisted leads.

Rayteq also manufactures an accurate but inexpensive hydrogen porosity checker for shop-floor use, and high resolution, non-contact molten metal level sensors to pace metal charging and improve temperature control. See "Products" listings above for details.

*Dynarad and StrikoDynarad are trademarks owned by the Striko-Westofen-Dynarad Furnace Corporation (a.k.a. StrikoDynarad). Rayteq is not affiliated with StrikoDynarad.