World's first electric melters shipped factory ready for KW demand management system. Payback studies* confirm Rayteq electric furnaces equipped with Fleet Commander™ IDMS™ melt cheaper than natural gas.


Gas-Fired vs. Electric Melting

Are you considering purchasing gas-fired melting or holding furnaces because of the current low cost of natural gas?

Read this technical paper before you decide.

Electric Furnaces for
Structural Die Casting



Rayteq's new high-powered, compact electric furnaces paired with advanced hybrid digital/analog power controls slash energy costs by melting aluminum or magnesium right at the die casting machine or molding line, eliminating wasteful energy losses from hot metal transportation, launders and holding furnaces in central melt systems. Additional advantages include higher energy efficiency, less metal loss, fewer scrapped castings, no operator heat stress, and no noise, all while virtually eliminating air quality issues. High furnace melting rates in a compact space are made possible by Rayteq's unique high power density heating elements featuring new life-enhancing materials technology. Rayteq also supplies exact heating element replacements to incorporate this new technology into older electric furnaces.

Rayteq's new electric furnaces are available in both square and round configurations with thirteen standard models ranging from 275 lbs/hour melting rate with a capacity of 550 pounds of aluminum to 1000 lbs/hour with a capacity of 4,200 pounds, and are supplied ready to operate with Rayteq's Fleet CommanderInteractive Demand Management System (IDMS™) which achieves additional utility cost savings by minimizing electric furnace fleet kW demand without impairing production rates or casting quality. Rayteq's Fleet Commander™ software operates with all Rayteq electric melters as well as conventional electric furnaces equipped with Fleet Commander™ retrofit kits.

* Payback studies are complimentary - contact Rayteq


All electric heating elements are not the same! Before buying replacement heating elements or investing in electric furnaces, the user should investigate the different types of elements currently on the market and the advantages and disadvantages of each.


DC-350 Control Panel

Control Cabinet Features

  • Unique hybrid digital/analog furnace controls operated by custom PLC
  • Comes ready to connect to Rayteq’s Fleet CommanderInteractive Demand Management System (IDMS™) to slash utility kW demand charges
  • Parallel-wired heating elements separately controlled and monitored
  • Individual tri-color (green-amber-red) status lamp for each element
  • Separate dedicated circuit breaker for each heating element
  • 24 volt control system for quick and easy troubleshooting
  • No heat-wasting, unreliable SCRs or thyristors
  • No air or water cooling required

Furnace Highlights

  • New and improved high power density Rayteq heating elements for faster melting rates
  • Designed and engineered using latest generation parametric 3D modeling software
  • All steel components fabricated in USA with numerically controlled equipment for precision fit
  • Element wiring harness isolated from furnace chamber for greater reliability
  • Improved energy efficient lining for lower utility costs
  • Baffled split crucible cover reduces energy loss

Model DC-720 - Melts 720 lbs/hr

Model R-475 - Melts 475 lbs/hr


  • Melting rates from 275 lb/hour to 1000 lb/hour, aluminum, and capacities from 550 to 4,200 pounds
  • Magnesium and zinc melting rates available upon request
  • Highest melting rates per square foot of occupied floor space

Dual-Transport Furnaces

  • Full-power melting furnaces are available in two sizes (see downloadable PDF below)
  • Transported by forklift or by crane
  • Highly insulated for minimal temperature drop after disconnecting power cable
  • Power shut-off at furnace avoids arc damage to cable connector
  • Alarm horn sounds if furnace is lifted without disconnecting power cable
  • Separate horn sounds if furnace is not reconnected to cable within preset time--avoids chilling or freezing metal in furnace

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Model DT-300 Melts 300 lbs/hr, capacity of 600 lbs

Model DT-500 Melts 500 lbs/hr with capacity of 1,500 lbs

(Photo courtesy of State Brass Foundry & Machine, Salt Lake City, UT. Aluminum pump housing shown cast with single 1,000 lb. pour from DT-500)

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Rayteq Furnace Models

Rayteq manufactures two types of compact electric resistance melting furnaces: our DC Series and ValueLine Series.

Rayteq's square DC Series furnaces provide the highest melting rates per pound of aluminum capacity, and they are the most energy efficient since they can accommodate more effective insulation materials that do not bend.

Rayteq's round ValueLine Series furnaces are less expensive to fabricate which results in the lowest price per pound of capacity and pound per hour of melting rate-hence the name ValueLine.

Both furnace types employ Rayteq's long life, paralled-wired, high power density, dual-refractory heating elements which today have set the new standard in industry. Both also feature Rayteq's unique hybrid digital/analog power controls which come factory ready to connect to Rayteq's Fleet Commander™ Interactive Demand Management System (IDMS™).

All Rayteq DC Series and ValueLine furnaces are designed for continuous production melting 24 hours/day, 5 to 7 days/week. Magnesium melting rates available upon request. All furnaces can be supplied for use with the following 3-phase voltages: 480, 380, or 240 VAC, 50 or 60 Hz (please specify).

DC Series (square)
Furnace Model Aluminum Capacity [lbs] Melting Rate [lbs/hr] Dimensions
DC-250 450 250 43" square X 41" high
DC-325 550 325 43" square X 45.75" high
DC-425 775 425 46" square X 45.75" high
DC-500 1,100 500 53" square X 45.75" high
DC-635 2,000 635 60" square X 45.75" high
DC-720 2,650 720 67" square X 45.75" high
DC-800 3,000 800 74" square X 45.75" high
DC-1000 4,200 1000 81" square X 50" high
DC-1250S 4,200 1250 81" square X 50" high
DC-1400 9,100 1400 102" square X 50" high
DC-2000S 9,100 2000 102" square X 50" high
ValueLine Series (round)
Furnace Model Aluminum Capacity [lbs] Melting Rate [lbs/hr] Dimensions
R-225 450 225 45" diameter X 41" high
R-325 550 325 45" diameter X 45" high
R-400 775 400 48" diameter X 45" high
R-475 1,100 475 55" diameter X 45" high
R-575 2,000 575 63" diameter X 45" high
R-650 2,650 650 69" diameter X 45" high
R-725 3,000 725 74" diameter X 45" high
Dual-Transport Series (round)
Furnace Model Aluminum Capacity [lbs] Melting Rate [lbs/hr] Dimensions
DT-300 600 300 45" diameter X 46" high
DT-500 1500 500 58" diameter X 46" high

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